Evilmilk Update 10-20-2023

Evilmilk Update 10-20-2023

Ignore everything we said earlier... We found some stupid errors and have moved the site back to the old server for the weekend. The problems are fixable, but they are Monday Problems, not Friday night problems. Have a good weekend everyone.

We have completed a server migration, first time in a long many years. So far it seems like things are working, but please let us know if you are experiencing issues. Can either type a comment on this page and we will do our best to address it or please shoot us an email at [email protected]

We attempted to do this migration a few days ago, and ran into immediate and constant problems. Most of them were self inflicted stupidity, but we eventually patched this thing together and got it moved. We appreciate the support during that time and glad we were able to get it moved over successful

Why you move servers ? We found a newer, faster, better server for much less money. The new server will allow us to keep running evilmilk just as we have for almost 20 years without having to worry about keeping the lights on. Running Meme websites isn't exactly the most profitable thing in the world in this day with Giant tech monopolies controlling all of the traffic and money on the internet. So, finding some less expensive hosting was a good step for us to continue on with our shit posting and degenerate content. Hope you will all keep joining us for years to come.

Cheers everyone and thanks for visiting

Below is a video documenting our server upgrade process


The Great Evilmilk Server Mystery

In the whimsical realm of Evilmilk, a place where the digital and magical converged, a mystery was afoot. The evilmilk.com server had crashed, leaving all its strange inhabitants puzzled. As the eccentric users gathered in the virtual town square, they were determined to uncover the culprit.

Bubb, the resident prankster, couldn't resist a chuckle. "Looks like the server ate some bad milk, folks!"

MidnightDStroyer, known for his love of conspiracy theories, chimed in. "I've been warning you all about the Milk Illuminati for years! This is their doing, I'm sure of it."

Chong, the tech guru, squinted at his screen. "Hold on, folks, I'll get to the bottom of this. Let's see who's been poking around the server."

With a flurry of keyboard clattering, Chong delved into the digital world of logs and codes. "Hmm, it seems someone named 'Oliver Clozoff' accessed some highly unusual files before the server went kaput."

Oliver Clozoff, a mischievous character with a penchant for disguises, winked and said, "Oh, that's just my alter ego, Mr. Nonymous. I was researching the mysteries of the cosmos, I swear."

Wally669, known for his conspiracy theories involving aliens, chimed in. "It's all connected! The aliens are hiding in the Milky Way, and they don't want us to know!"

Amidst the chaos, EnigManic, the town's resident detective, stroked his invisible beard and quietly observed. "I think we should hear 'Mr. Nonymous' out. This could be an inside job."

As tensions escalated, EnigManic organized a virtual lineup of suspects: "BillyClyde, Ryouken, Rayvet, and Tomshark, please step forward."

BillyClyde, known for his penchant for causing server glitches, shrugged. "I was just testing the server's limits, man. Blame it on my curiosity."

Ryouken, the local martial artist, cracked his knuckles. "I was sparring in the digital dojo, not hacking, I promise."

Rayvet, who was often found telling far-fetched tales, declared, "I was busy writing my bestselling novel about a time-traveling milk carton. I couldn't have done it."

Tomshark, a self-proclaimed "sharknado" enthusiast, admitted, "I was indeed riding the waves of the server, but I didn't break it intentionally."

Just as EnigManic was about to make his final deduction, a new message appeared in the forum. It was Breandaddy22, the town's baker and part-time hacker. "Sorry, folks, it was me. I was experimenting with some new bread recipes, and things got out of hand."

The group erupted in laughter, realizing that the mystery had been solved by an unlikely character. Breandaddy22 had inadvertently caused the server to crash with his bread-related escapades.

However, just as they were about to celebrate, a mysterious figure appeared at the virtual town square. It was a tipsy leprechaun, known as Paddy McShamrock, who admitted, "Oi, it was me, lads and lasses! I had a bit too much to drink and accidentally deleted some important code."

The community was astonished, but they decided to forgive the inebriated leprechaun. They all decided to take a break and meet at the local virtual pub, "The Milky Mug," for a drink. They soon discovered that even the quirkiest of beings could come together and enjoy some camaraderie, especially when a tipsy leprechaun was involved.

And so, with laughter and a round of virtual pints, they raised their glasses to the misadventures of Evilmilk and the unexpected friendships it brought their way.


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