Update Dec 2013 - Ever since we put this section in place we have received much less "hate mail"

Thanks for not hating us as much ! Only a few new ones in here.

I believe this email is in reference to this post. (posted 4/9/2017)

no, we didn't, please go take your meds.

Submitted Pictures by this guy -> image1, image2, image3
and my personal favorite - image4

Update Dec 2010

It's impossible to make everyone happy all the time. Below is a sampling of various emails I have received over the past few years. I wish I had the foresight to save all of the hate mail I received because this page would have much more content. I have however saved some great stuff. Please enjoy these emails as much as I have.

I have also received well deserved hate mail due to popunders and bad ads. If you ever see an advertisement that is doing something malicious or super annoying please email me about it. Lately the ads have been a bit better but we deal with 3rd party ads so I am not always aware of what ads are showing.

Not to sure this is hate mail, but I found it interesting.

Seems more people get a bit hyper sensitive when I post funny pictures to do with Obama. But just so you know I am an equal opportunity asshole, here is our old friend George Bush, more here. Compare that with Obama.. Seems pretty equal to me.

But I showed pictures of George Bush as a monkey! see above. Bill O'Reilly sent them to me from his secret stash at Fox. Many times pictures on the web are based on current events. And right now in case you missed it.. Obama is the president. See the above for some George Bush links, you may like those better.

I suck.

This site isn't only for funny pictures. Shocking pictures also have their place. As for the rest of your email I am really not sure what the fuck you are talking about.

Unfortunately the shame will continue. I do not always have the ability to use proper punctuation for page titles and image titles due to constraints set by the shitty code I use. Well that and I really don't care most of the time, it's a "funny" pictures website...

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