The new comments system is finally launched. All the pictures posted from now on should use the new comments system from facebook.. However, the archived pictures will continue to use the original comments until facebook releases a way to properly upgrade them.

The biggest feature included in this upgrade are threaded comments, and reply notification. When someone replies to a message you should receive a message in your facebook notifications letting you know. The threaded comments should allow for much improved dialog (arguing). Another change is the order of comments will not always be chronological which means the best and (hopefully) related comments should find their way to the top, while spammy comments should fall to the bottom. From what we have been reading, the reliability and loading times of the comments have also been much improved.

Since this is a plugin and not something written specifically for evilmilk, it is possible that certain things will not work perfectly. We will be watching and tweaking things but please let us know if you experience difficulties and we will try to fix them. We hope the new comments system alleviates some of the frustrations we ' ve been hearing about and improves the user experience on the site.

Everyone have a great St Patricks Day!

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